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  • John Stockdale

    John Stockdale

    I'm not giving my name to a machine!

  • DroneSeed


    We plant trees with drone swarms & spray to protect them. We work with 3 of the largest foresters in the US. Founder/CEO, Grant Canary, talks startups w/others.

  • Rio Caraeff

    Rio Caraeff

    Chief Commercial Officer, Syng. ex-Chief Content Officer, Magic Leap; Founder & ex-CEO, Vevo. Always supporting Artists, Creators & Developers.

  • Ann Lewis

    Ann Lewis

    CTO, MoveOn.org https://annlewis.tech/

  • Chunqiu Li

    Chunqiu Li

    UAL & Service Design

  • Thuy Muoi

    Thuy Muoi

    “It is not about making your products special, but about making users feel special using your products”

  • Ganesh Shankar

    Ganesh Shankar

    Senior Product Manager at Google, engineer and entrepreneur. I love distance running, traveling, hiking and training my attack cat, Comrade.

  • Tobenna Arodiogbu

    Tobenna Arodiogbu

    Co-Founder and CEO at CloudTrucks.

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