May your children be filthy,

Dirt on their feet,

Brambles in hair

May they be tired

Bags under eyes

From reading late under blankets

May your house be messy

Filled with screams and roars

Of laughter and life

May your days be filled with light violence

Of wrestling and throwing and spars

May your meetings be too short,

So much said but unsaid

That more must wait

May your friendships linger long in silence

For all that doesn’t need to be said

Quiet companionship an answer to the most important questions

May you be bored atimes

Wandering lost in the wood

Agape at nature’s bounty

May you be lost in life

Unsure what comes next

Or what your narrative is

Seeking to be useful and kind

May your path thus be uncertain

Nothing preordained

Keeping everyone guessing

Even yourself

Until the last

May your life be filled with confusion

And love

(For that is love!)

And side quests that are the main quests

And extras who become protagonists

And the delight of connection to others

Betwixt others





The willingness to be

(In spite of all weirdness)

That which you are:



Except by your own peculiar quirks

Which seemed a distraction,

Which seemed a distress,

But now are the main attraction!

Nobody else has got the scars that YOU bear

And Oh! Does that make you unique and delightful

Your moment is brief

Now go shine!

The universe will never be the same after.

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David E. Weekly

Founder+CEO: Medcorder, ex-GOOG, FB. Started: Drone.VC, Mexican.VC, Neuron.VC, PBwiki, DevHouse, and Hacker Dojo. Startup advisor. Chopper pilot. Dad. ❤�