iMac: colorful again?

I know the schtick is to “start with the small stuff and then build” but the purple iPhone and reskinning of the Podcast app were pretty underwhelming. There’s so much more Apple could be doing in the podcast production and consumption space. Boo.

AirTags: long-expected, they look delightful. A little overpriced as typical. I will probably get these. Great Find My + UWB integration and privacy considerations here. Very impressed they led with a “unwanted tag” use case addressed out of the gate. Apple is clearly and consistently pushing on magic *with* privacy. Does it make sense to put one…


May your children be filthy,

Dirt on their feet,

Brambles in hair

May they be tired

Bags under eyes

From reading late under blankets

May your house be messy

Filled with screams and roars

Of laughter and life

May your days be filled with light violence

Of wrestling and throwing and spars

May your meetings be too short,

So much said but unsaid

That more must wait

May your friendships linger long in silence

For all that doesn’t need to be said

Quiet companionship an answer to the most important questions

May you be bored atimes

Wandering lost in…

This morning I was reflecting on the fact that it has been some 20 years since my primary job was computer programming. It’s quite possible that I would struggle — or even fail — at a number of the technical interviews that I passed in the past. This is not a sign of my dotage (yet!) but rather a reflection that my focus and skills development has been in other areas. I haven’t maintained my proficiency entirely.

In aviation, we have this notion of being “recent”: you need to have practiced a set of skills regularly, or if you’ve fallen…

How can you make it less likely you’ll be hacked? Only a fool would describe any setup as “hacker proof”, but with every meaningful effort to adopt best practices, you’ll close off holes that will make it easy to attack you.

Secure your personal and business profiles alike and it’s much less likely that you’ll suffer identity theft, have to deal with annoying ransomware, or find your bank account unexpectedly empty.

I’ll walk you through some specific and actionable things you can do to help keep your private information private and the hackers at bay.

1) Use trusted hardware. As…

Differential weight and meaning of review stars

What’s that fifth star mean?

One of the common online retail experiences is to show a product or service rating with one to five stars. But should we weight each rating equally? What makes a given rating more or less helpful to discerning whether the product is any good or what the critical deficiencies are?

The least helpful of all reviews is a five star review with no clarifying content. Somebody thought an experience was perfect but didn’t articulate why. …

This is an idea for a startup that should probably exist and then get acquired by AirBNB or the like. I’m not planning on starting this company myself. If you do end up making it or have already done so, please get in touch.


With more flexible work-from-home policies, many remote workers are setting up shop in AirBNB/VRBO digs for weeks or months with working holidays, a big change from prior patterns of a few one-week vacations a year. Owners and rental services aren’t well-positioned to sufficiently rapidly adapt to this new “productive extended stay” dynamic.

Shipping things from home…

Just as an FYI since I wasn’t able to find this information elsewhere…

Our team spent the last ~24h frantically debugging a gnarly issue where iOS Safari was sporadically having trouble fetching information from our Google App Engine backend (using Apollo GraphQL).

The error in question showed “The network connection was lost” in Safari Web Inspector.

We found this issue challenging to debug for a few different reasons:

  1. The issue wasn’t consistently reproducible on different devices.
  2. The issue was only on Safari iOS (14.2.1) and not Safari macOS (10.15.7).
  3. Some requests succeeded and some failed. Later it was helpful to…

Apple’s new M1 chip for desktop computers

So Apple came out with their new M1 based laptops and Mac Mini. The new MacBook Air looks like a nice fit for a college laptop: going completely fanless was a bold choice, though it’s disappointing that they said literally nothing about the camera optics (namely something better than the very tired 720p from cam on the last few generations) given that this is such a point of excellence and pride for the company overall. It will be fascinating to benchmark these devices to see if Apple’s claims on performance hold up.

Battery life is pretty killer — if it…

On Wednesday evenings for the past few months I have been part of a new class run by the Aspen Institute where a small cohort of experienced tech leaders have been learning about public policy and how to drive change in the federal government. It was announced today.

We got to hear from people who had come into government from the tech industry to drive change — things that worked and what hadn’t. We re-read the constitution (seriously!), …

And an idea on what to do about it

My name is David Weekly. I’ve been in Silicon Valley for nearly 25 years now, invested in 60+ startups, created (returning >11x cash-on-cash), founded three companies and two non-profits. I’ve created corporate R&D teams at both Facebook and Google presenting our team’s work to the CEO, and seen a huge amount of innovation happen everywhere from garages to emerging markets to big, publicly traded companies. There are a lot of ways new ideas can be had, explored, vetted, and brought to market. But one model in particular seems consistently less likely to yield exciting outputs: the corporate incubator.


David E. Weekly

Founder+CEO: Medcorder, ex-GOOG, FB. Started: Drone.VC, Mexican.VC, Neuron.VC, PBwiki, DevHouse, and Hacker Dojo. Startup advisor. Chopper pilot. Dad. ❤�

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